Well Red Book Club at North 42 Degrees Estate Winery

  • Well Red Book Club at North 42 Degrees Estate Winery

As many of you may know our owner, Suzanne, loves to read and read and read... well you get the picture. Of course, she loves wine too, so, it only seems fitting to start a book club at North 42 Degrees - where you can enjoy both in the ambience of our new Hospitality centre.

What kind of book club? It's said that if we lose ourselves in books, we can find ourselves there too! We're aiming for a club that's somewhere between highly social and seriously academic. Of course we'll have a discussion about what we read, share stories, some laughs and of course wine- that will be paired to reflect the book. Chick lit may call for a bit of bubbly, while Wuthering Heights a moody Pinot noir!

What kind of books? A mix of genres. Books that are rich in ideas and characters. Anything is pretty well fair game as long as the book offers a lot of opportunity for discussion.

  • Fiction—general, current or classic, historical, mystery, the occasional sci-fi, and chick lit.
  • Nonfiction—memoir, biography, history, current events, science, travel, cooking.
  • Poetry.

The selected book will be around the 400 page mark which seems like an achievable monthly read. But, it all depends on the members. We can always agree to read something longer or of a different genre.

How are books selected? Members will take turns, each choosing a book for a given month. The person whose book is scheduled to be discussed will also lead the discussion.

When do we meet? One evening a month to be determined by the members. Our first meeting will be in January where we'll introduce ourselves, set some ground rules and select our first book.

If you're interested in joining our group of booklovers send an email to info@north42degrees.com with your first and second choice of evenings that works best for you.

"Great is the fortune of he who possesses a great bottle, a great book and a great friend" Moliere