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Another new release.  Our 2022 Lake Erie North Shore grown Pinot Gris gives homage to it’s Burgundian origins. This crisp, refreshing, dry white wine reminds us of sun drenched afternoons on the patio.  It offers hints of tangerine peel, notes of pear and delicate floral aromas with a bright vivacious finish.  Focused flavours, good structure, and lovely acidity makes this wine an excellent companion to all  your BFF moments!
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Pinot Gris or Pinot Grigio… what’s the difference?  None.  It’s the same grape varietal but how it’s referred to depends whether you’re in France or Italy.  But don’t take our word , check out  Dr. Vinny’s explanation.   Pinot Gris (aka Pinot Grigio) is a pinkish grape mutation of Pinot Noir. It’s famously known for zesty white wines, but can also create fuller bodied white wines.  The 2022 North 42 Degrees Pinot Gris is a crisp refreshing dry wine with high acidity.  It’s tangerine peel aromas and bright finish transport you to the citrus groves of Southern France. This Pinot Gris encapsulates the art of winemaking.


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 Brix: 20.8     ABV: 12%      Sugar: 2 g/L     Total Acidity: 6 g/L

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